Contributing To Congregation Emanu-El

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The Congregation Emanu-El community is sustained by contributions from members of the synagogue, the larger Jewish community, and the public. These contributions help support the upkeep of our wonderful heritage building, allow us to continue offering exciting community events, and make possible our efforts to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of our members and extended community.
Whether you are celebrating a simḥah, commemorating the passing or yahrzeit of a loved one, or simply wish to help sustain our community, please consider donating generously to one of our funds described below.
Except for contributions to an externally restricted fund, the synagogue applies donations to the program/activities identified by the donor during the year in which they are received. At year end any unused funds may be applied to general operations.

For more opportunities to donate or if you are considering making a bequest or major donation, please contact Rabbi Harry Brechner or the office by phone or email.

We are deeply grateful for contributions of any size; because sustaining a shul, as an old Yiddish proverb goes, "takes a shtetl."

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General Shul Fund

Directly Sustaining Our Synagogue

Donations to this fund help meet the operating and administrative costs for Congregation Emanu-El, and supplement the annual income from membership fees, which cover only half of the Shul’s operating expenses. General Shul Fund donations enable the synagogue provide critical programs and services to members.

Avodah Social Action

Avodah—Congregation Emanu-El’s social action group—was created to serve those most in need in Victoria, particularly poor and homeless youth, adults and families. We work closely with local agencies to determine and provide services that are wanted and needed.

Avodah's outreach includes:

• Participation in the Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter.
• A monthly birthday party at Our Place for the street community.
• Rent Supplement Fund, which provides monthly subsidies to families who desperately need help in paying their rent; in partnership with the Burnside Gorge Community Association.
• Distribution of socks to homeless people in Victoria.

Hebrew School

Your support is important in helping us sustain our goal at Congregation Emanu-El Hebrew School to create knowledgedable committed Jewish adults

Giving the students opportunities to interact with other Jewish children of all ages, thus helping them to create their own community within the larger Jewish community;
Exposing the students to the basics of being Jewish by studying Torah, biblical and modern Hebrew, the holidays, and modern Jewish history;
Developing a strong sense of values and ethics based on Jewish sources.
Our Hebrew School is egalitarian.
Thank you for your support.

Kiddush Fund

Your funds enable us to provide a small tasty Kiddush on a regular basis after Shabbat service. This is an ideal opportunity for congregants to relax, schmooze and to enjoy good food.


The Outreach Committee's mandate is short-term assistance to congregational members who might otherwise find themselves temporarily overwhelmed by the demands of life-changing events such as the birth of a child, change of employment, illness or death in the family.

We send cards, make phone calls, provide meals and arrange transportation.

Donations supplement volunteer work, through the purchase of ingredients to make meals or the purchase of greeting cards and stamps.

We hope to stabilize members' lives, extending hands and hearts to support and comfort.

Rabbi’s Discretionary

The Rabbi's Discretionary Fund provides aid to individuals and families in need, both locally within our community. It helps put food on the table for those in need, it helps families with overwhelming expenses such as rent, clothing, medications, and always works in a private and respectful way.

Thank you for your support.


Donations to the Yahrzeit Fund are directed to the Religious Services Fund, which supports Yahrzeit observance by congregants throughout the year through reminder letters, weekly announcement of the upcoming Yahrzeits, maintenance of the Yahrzeit Memorial Board and through the Religious Services Committee’s attention to the Thursday morning minyan and Yizkor observance throughout the year.


Many of our families and individual congregants are not able to afford paying the full suggested membership rate and/or Hebrew School fees. No Jewish person is ever turned away from being a member in our congregation or child turned away from Hebrew School due to finances.
If you value Jewish life, Jewish learning and Jewish spiritual expression; if you value an egalitarian congregation that allows for equal access for all Jews; if you value your spiritual home here at Congregation Emanu-El, we need you to step up right now and join us in the Adopt a Family fund raising initiative. Help the congregation and help congregants. Put your values into action now.
Your gift touches many lives.

Club Lev

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Our fundraising plan for a balanced budget is called Club Lev. You can join Club Lev for the annual cost of $1200.
Club Lev Members receive the benefit of knowing they are giving the extra dollars necessary to keep the shul's budget balanced. When you think about everything Congregation Emanuel does and is, your gift is in fact enormous and enduring. Not everyone can afford full membership fees. Our Club Lev members help to sustain our community.
And that brings me to our eponymous mascots, two new Levs in our kehilah. Their beautiful faces remind us of why we donate: we must keep our traditions strong, l'dor v'dor. Thank you to both these Levs for agreeing to be the Honorary Chairs of Club Lev!